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Introduction to Tetradom Technology


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In 1988, Germany’s Wellan water treatment technology was successfully invented. This technology is a physical, environmentally friendly water treatment technology based on quantum mechanics. It has won twice Nuremberg Science and Technology Invention and Creation Awards and many authoritative certifications.

It has attracted the attention of the world because of its remarkable rust and scale removal function. With the rapid development of industry, the treatment of circulating water has increasingly highlighted its importance. Cooling and heating systems are needed in energy, metallurgy, mining, chemical, and other industries, as well as in people’s lives. These systems face four major challenges: scale, rust, bacteria, and algae. Tetradom water treatment technology exerts four outstanding functions: powerful descaling, efficient scale inhibition, anticorrosion, and slow release and inhibition of bacteria and algae. It successfully solves all problems and is recognized as the best solution to four challenges:

Known as the all-rounder of circulating water treatment.

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Common water treatment methods for circulating water systems

The common water treatment methods for circulating water systems are Chemical water treatment, Magnetic water treatment, Electrochemical water treatment, Electromagnetic water treatment, Ion exchange water treatment, etc. These treatments only address one challenge and cannot solve all challenges. During the application process, there will be disadvantages such as high energy consumption, high material costs, pollution emissions, and high maintenance costs. To treat scale, it is necessary to study the process of scale formation. Industrial circulating water contains a large amount of soluble material such as calcium bicarbonate. It is very unstable and will decompose under the influence of water temperature and other conditions. Forms calcium carbonate which is insoluble in water. A single calcium carbonate molecule has weak electricity and is extremely susceptible to the influence of various charged substances in the water. It quickly accumulates and grows on surfaces, especially in equipment pipes with high temperatures such as heat exchangers and condensers. Due to the high water temperature, the concentration of carbonates increases, forming carbonates into a massive crystal structure. The needle-like surfaces are staggered together to form extremely hard scale. The scale accumulates so much that it blocks the pipes, forcing the entire water circulation system to stop working. This will bring very big losses to the enterprise.

Matter waves are the core concept of quantum mechanics

Matter waves are the core concept of quantum mechanics, and all matter exhibits wave-like behavior. Through specific testing equipment, we accurately measure particle parameters, edit ultrafine oscillating waves at different frequencies, then use laser recording technology to interact with a special dielectric material. It can stably record and release the oscillating waves. This oscillating wave penetrates the pipe material and propagates into the circulating water. Through the superposition and interference of material waves of soluble material particles, led to the occurrence of changes in the physical properties. That is, changes in the shape of the particles. The green wave is the oscillating wave released by the Tetradom quantum device. The blue waves above are the rust wave. The blue wave below is the scale wave. The red waves are the superimposed waves of rust and scale. Their physical properties are changed. The crystal surface of scale becomes smooth, it can’t firmly attach, and becomes loose, forming soft flocks suspended in the water, then are discharged with the water flow. The circulating water is turbid and hardness increases. Generally, two weeks after installing the quantum device, the scale changes from hard to loose. As the oscillating waves of the Tetradom quantum device continue to be released, the scales gradually fall off and are discharged. Water hardness and ion concentration will reach a peak. The ion concentration in the water will tend to be balanced during the process of dissolution and precipitation, changes in water hardness will gradually level off. Chemical treatment methods require regular dosing and special treatment of discharged water to avoid secondary pollution. To keep a low concentration ratio, a large amount of water needs to be wasted. Additionally, chemicals will corrode equipment, shortening equipment lifespan.

Application practice

Application practice shows that when the calcium ion concentration reaches 400 mg per liter and the pH value exceeds 11, the Tetradom quantum device still shows good scale removal and scale inhibition effects. It has a wider tolerance for total water hardness and total alkalinity. This enables the entire circulation system to work stably in poorer water quality without the formation of scale. Tetradom Services can be tailored to the customer’s specific application environment, water quality, process flow, pipeline size, etc. Provide multiple service models, reduce investment risks for customers, and eliminate worries about results. In terms of corrosion inhibition, the oscillation waves released by quantum devices form a black iron oxide layer which isolates the corrosion factors. Compared with the chemical film formation method, this black iron oxide film is more dense and resistant to corrosion by chlorine corrosive. Tetradom quantum devices have better performance in terms of bacteria and algae inhibition. The oscillating waves destroy the biofilms of bacteria and algae, cutting off their source of nutrients, destroying the living environment, causing the death of bacteria and algae, and the disintegration of debris. This makes biological slime lose its viscosity and disperse in water, finally discharged through the sewage system.

Tetradom water treatment technology

Tetradom water treatment technology has been vigorously promoted in China since 2009, providing technical services for hundreds of state-owned enterprises and central enterprises in the energy industry, chemical industry, steel industry, power industry, medical industries, food industries, etc. Tetradom services are cost-effective and meet technical requirements and customers’ needs. The enterprise not only reduces costs and obtains great economic benefits but also obtains greater social benefits due to its advantages such as no pollution, no power consumption, no maintenance, no additional materials, and no need to change anything. Tetradom products are considered the best alternative to traditional water treatment methods.

The heating tube of the mold heater was severely scaled. Two months after installation, there was no scale on the surface. Before installation, scale and corrosion in heat exchanger pipes seriously affected heat exchange efficiency. Two months after installation, the surface scales fell off. Before installation, press molding is covered with scales. Two months later, the scales fell off. Application practices have shown that Tetradom solves water treatment problems for enterprises, environmentally friendly and sustainable new technology, promoting the progress of water treatment technology. Tetradom water treatment technology makes our life better.

WELLAN 2000® | Our mission: Better water

WELLAN 2000®: No chemicals, no electricity, no magnets.
Ultrafine vibrations from quantum physics are the solution!

Works in stagnant as well as fast flowing water, stops rusting and oxidation, clears pipes, improves drinking water quality.

Although this technology of improving water and its effects is still not so well known, this method is already used in many other areas. Think of computer technology, magnetic stripes on credit cards, photography, CDs, and so on. There are renowned physicists working on the development of a quantum computer. One would like to use the storage capacity of a liquid molecule, e.g. water, which is infinite on a certain level.
Thus, the function and effectiveness of the WELLAN 2000® has nothing to do with faith, but it is simply a forward-looking technology from quantum physics, which offers many interesting possibilities. Our products prove this. WELLAN 2000® for: Private households and industry. We can look back on over a zillion very satisfied customers. Sales are made throughout Germany and worldwide.

WELLAN 2000® has the right solution for every water problem. The thickest pipe diameter of the pipeline, which was equipped with WELLAN 2000®, was 40 inches. It is worth pointing out once again that our water treatment system, not only frees the pipes and stops rusting and oxidation, but “WELLAN 2000®” makes a significant contribution to tackling our environmental problems.

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