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How does WELLAN 2000® the Biosignal Water Treater work?

The development of our technologies and the related consequences for man and nature work in two opposite directions. On the one hand, technical, scientific and medical progress helps people to cure diseases and ailments against which there was no chance of a cure in the past, and on the other hand, environmental problems are intensifying in a dramatic way, calling our progress into question. How right Goethe was with his sorcerer’s apprentice, who unleashed the unknown magic forces and could not contain them.

Progressive development in many areas of our lives has thrown nature out of balance, even destroyed it in immense ways. Human well-being, harmony and balance in nature, have become secondary to progress.

The environmental pollution caused by our industry endangers all life on this planet. Thus, humanity must realize that only other, gentle technologies can lead us out of this dilemma. The challenge to develop and accept new ideas has the goal of achieving harmony for man and nature.

Reference Laboratory Report | Report No. G03-0102 | Institute for Hygiene and Environment | Inh. Dr. J. Prucha

Verification of the antimicrobial effect of the “Wellan” water treatment system on some selected test germs with continuous treatment with the “Wellan” system.

IHU_18.03.2003_G03-0102 Folgegutachten

Link to the Institute for Hygiene and Environment

Mode of action:

WELLAN 2000® constructively activates physiological oscillations and thus affects bio-physical processes beyond body and environmental chemistry. WELLAN 2000® works without the use of chemicals, magnets or electricity. The device works with cold and hot water, stagnant water and extremely fast flowing water. There are no additional installation, maintenance and servicing costs.


WELLAN 2000® ✓Entkalken ✓Antikorrosion ✓Antibakteriell ✓Gesundes Wasser ► Jetzt kontaktieren!


Fields of application:

In apartments, single-family and multi-family houses, commercial enterprises (hotel industry/catering, butcher’s shops, bakeries, hairdressers, dentists) where soft, lime-neutral water is required and where machines are in use that can calcify.

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VIDEO english: Portugal Demo Reel | Wellan 2000 USA

Many water treatment options exist. However, some work with chemicals, with current, or with magnets. All these systems function well, but only if the water is flowing. In addition to his work as a non-medical practitioner, Klaus Wagner has dedicated himself to studying water treatment for 20 years and to selling many water treatment devices.

Solving the problem of furred and rusted pipes has always come first, and the aim has been to keep the pipes free from lime. At this point, a few ask this question: what about water quality? The idea matured to develop a water treatment device that is able to clear up furred pipes, to stop corrosion, and to improve the drinking-water quality-a device that functions whether the water is standing or flowing.

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More Information

Easy installation:

WELLAN 2000® ✓Entkalken ✓Antikorrosion ✓Antibakteriell ✓Gesundes Wasser ► Jetzt kontaktieren!

inch sizes of the Wellan 2000 ring:

Private households

1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 5/4″

Blocks of houses/industry

1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″, 3″

Heavy Industry

4″, 5″, 6″, 8″

Determining the pipe diameter – this is how you determine the correct pipe diameter:

Using a tape measure, measure the location of the pipe section where the WELLAN 2000® ring is to be mounted. Read from the mm scale how many millimeters the circumference is. Corresponding to the mm measurement, we have attached the diameter measurement in inches for reading. Just tell us the corresponding inch measurement when you place your order.

WELLAN 2000® ✓Entkalken ✓Antikorrosion ✓Antibakteriell ✓Gesundes Wasser ► Jetzt kontaktieren!