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Wellan 2000® Ring

For more than 20 years, our WELLAN® has proven itself in private households as well as in industry – not only throughout Germany, but also worldwide.

Our numerous satisfied customers, the great positive feedback, the visible successes and the analyses and expert reports confirm that our WELLAN 2000® is not a device that is based on

but a forward-looking, gentle technology. On this product page you will find more detailed information about our WELLAN 2000® biosignal water treatment device.

Our products: The WELLAN 2000®-Ring

Our WELLAN 2000® is a biosignal water treater. The basis of its operation is the exciting field of quantum physics. Even though biosignal water treatment has not yet been scientifically proven, there are numerous other areas where this technology has been successfully applied for many years. These include, for example, computer technology, credit cards with magnetic strips, photography, and CDs and DVDs.

For more than 20 years now, our WELLAN® has proven its worth in private households as well as in industry – not only throughout Germany, but also worldwide. Our numerous satisfied customers, the great positive feedback, the visible successes and the analyses and expert opinions confirm that our WELLAN 2000® is not a device based on mere faith, but represents a forward-looking gentle technology. On this product page you will find more detailed information about our WELLAN 2000® Biosignal Water Treater.

What is the WELLAN 2000® ring made of?

The WELLAN 2000® consists of a formulation of various metals, including the components of aluminum and silicon. The ore from which the aluminum is extracted is called bauxite. The various components of bauxite also include a high proportion of quartz. Finally, a special process is used to produce silicon from the quartz, which is used in the production of computer chips, among other things.

Similar to a computer chip, the WELLAN 2000® ring also stores information. Laser technology can be used to inject information at the subatomic level, which in turn can be emitted through any suitable materials (e.g. copper, iron, steel or plastic) and transferred to the water. The energy of the WELLAN 2000® is inexhaustible, so it does not wear out.

The information transfer can be compared with a CD – only in the opposite sense. While a CD uses laser technology to read information and reproduce it in the form of images or sounds, the WELLAN 2000® ring uses laser technology to modulate the information and frequency patterns.

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Function of the WELLAN 2000 water treatment unit®

As previously mentioned, biosignals are stored on the WELLAN 2000® ring. These biosignals are emitted by the water treatment unit to the water in the pipelines immediately after its installation. The materials from which the pipelines are made do not present any obstacle for the biosignals.

In water there are minerals which are in the form of ions. These have different electrical charges (anions, cations). Normally, these particles attract each other and then form crystals. The electrical charges of the mineral particles are frequencies that are influenced by the biosignals of the WELLAN 2000® ring. Due to the vibrations emitted, a constant transfer of information to the water takes place, which results in the charges being cancelled or shifted. The ions no longer attract each other, so that no crystals (e.g. lime) can be formed. In addition, already existing lime deposits are decomposed into microscopic beads that can no longer find adhesion, including bioorganisms deposited in the lime crystals e.g. microalgae, certain strains of bacteria. These also no longer find a breeding ground due to the decomposition process of the lime crystals. The pipelines gradually become free again and more hygienic. With standing water, the lubricant film and rotting odors also disappear. Standing water has a longer shelf life.
As a rule, the decalcification process takes several weeks, depending on the regulated and unregulated water households or the climatic conditions (e.g. dry and wet areas of Africa and Central and South America, India) in which the water treater is used.

What can WELLAN 2000® achieve?

What are the methods of water treatment?

In order to better highlight the innovative way WELLAN 2000® works, we would like to show other methods of water treatment at this point.

Magnetic fields can be used to alter the calcium carbonate before it enters the piping system. This results in structureless lime particles. Physical processes do not influence the amount of mineral trace elements in the water. The installation of these devices is associated with a high effort and greater costs. In addition, electromagnetic devices require a power supply to operate. This not only creates further costs, but also environmental pollution due to electrosmog.

Lime consists of the combination of calcium and carbonate ions. With the help of special equipment, the calcium ions of the water can be exchanged for sodium ions (ion exchange). This prevents calcium carbonate (lime crystals) from forming. The process of ion exchange requires regular maintenance, which is associated with quite high follow-up costs. In addition, the drinking water is polluted by the addition of the sodium chlorite ions (salt). The environmental impact should not be underestimated either, because the salt ends up in the sewage system. Since the ion exchanger contains plastic beads, germs and bacteria can multiply well. To prevent this, regular regeneration – but again with further costs – is necessary.

Phosphates are released into drinking water through chemical processes. Here, strict attention must be paid to the respective quantities in order to exclude undesirable consequences and health risks. The added phosphates act as a fertilizer for algae and microorganisms. An excessive number of algae and microorganisms causes the so-called overturning of water bodies: When the water plants die, they consume more oxygen than is available in the water, so that all further life in the water body is threatened by the lack of oxygen.

Clear advantages of the WELLAN 2000® compared to other methods of water treatment

Possible applications of WELLAN 2000®

Minerals are initially present in water as ions. They have an electrical charge and attract each other. When the ions combine, crystals form and lime deposits are formed, for example. The biosignals of the WELLAN 2000® prevent this connection by “re-informing” the water. The charges shift or are completely cancelled out (interference), which means that no crystal formation is possible.

Corrosion and oxidation occur due to the so-called natural turbulence of water. The hydrogen bonds, and thus the structure of the water, dissolve, turning the hydrogen atoms into free radicals and forming bonds with the piping. The WELLAN 2000® Biosignal Water Treater restores and strengthens the order of the water. The water is brought into resonance by the emitted biosignals, whereupon it can order itself.

The so-called catalytic pitting occurs when metals (including iron) reach the pipes through the flowing water. For example, iron can be deposited on the inside of a copper pipe. Potential differences (catalytic currents) occur between the different metals. As a result, the iron gradually bores deeper into the pipeline, eventually leading to small holes from which the water escapes. With the help of the WELLAN 2000® ring, the potential differences are minimized as far as possible and the risk of pitting is reduced.Please also note that under certain circumstances already existing holes in older pipelines are kept tight by lime and rust deposits, which are released after some time with the installation of Wellan 2000®.

Particularly in the case of on-site water supply, ferruginous water can be a problem. Having your own well, older piping, or service work on the piping systems (flushing, repairing a broken pipe) can cause rust and debris to enter the supply system and build up. The water turns brown. The WELLAN 2000® Biosignal Water Treater can convert up to 3mg/l of iron in the water so that no water discoloration occurs.

Assembly of the WELLAN 2000®

The WELLAN 2000® Water Treater consists of two equal halves that can be easily placed around a pipe. Immediately after the WELLAN 2000® ring has been installed (e.g. immediately after the water meter), it emits the previously modulated ultrafine frequency waves (quantum oscillations). For this, it needs neither electricity nor magnetism. The frequency waves effortlessly penetrate any pipe system made of copper, steel or other materials and transmit the desired information to the water – whether it is flowing or standing still. Since the WELLAN 2000® is available in different sizes, there is no need to change the pipe system. There is a suitable WELLAN 2000® ring for standard sizes in residential buildings as well as for huge industrial pipes.

Should I expect further costs, maintenance or other circumstances after installation?

Unlike other water treatment methods, the WELLAN 2000® ring does not wear out, nor does it require maintenance after initial installation. Thus, no additional maintenance costs are incurred.

Our guarantee promise

We are convinced of the effectiveness of WELLAN 2000® and would also like to offer you the opportunity to test our innovative water treatment technology in an informal and personal way. Therefore, without any costs or other obligations, you can try the WELLAN 2000® ring for a few weeks. If you are satisfied and decide to buy, we are of course very pleased. The WELLAN 2000® ring is guaranteed for three years.

Prices and sizes of the WELLAN 2000® ring

Both for private households and for large industrial pipes, the WELLAN 2000® Biosignal Water Treater is suitable. Depending on the diameter of the respective pipelines, different sizes of the ring are available:

We will gladly inform you about the respective prices on request.

You still have questions?

You are welcome to contact us at any time if you have a question about our product, its operation or assembly, sizes and prices or warranty. We can also send you additional information brochures upon request.

Legal Notice:

The presented effects of our products can only be partially proven with the scientific measuring methods generally used today. Corresponding measurement methods are still under development.
The findings were obtained in practical use of all our products and are based on alternative concepts as well as the positive experience reports of tens of thousands of satisfied users worldwide.


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