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WELLAN®-BIO-CHIP – Protection against harmful EMF waves

With the enormously rapid progress of our micro-technological progress, so-called electromagnetic fields (EMF) are also spreading – one also speaks of electrosmog. Nowadays, humans and nature are permanently exposed to electromagnetic fields, whether in the open air or in closed rooms.

Almost everywhere we have high-frequency fields, which we use via reception of radio, TV, satellite, radar and now also via reception of guidance beams (GPS) for navigation in the road network.

WELLAN®-BIO-CHIP – Protection from harmful EMF waves

With the enormously rapid advance of our microtechnological progress, so-called electromagnetic fields (EMF) are also spreading – one also speaks of electrosmog. Nowadays, humans and nature are permanently exposed to electromagnetic fields, whether in the open air or indoors. Almost everywhere we have high-frequency fields, which we use for navigation in the road network via reception of radio, TV, satellite, radar and now also via reception of guide beams (GPS).

In addition, we are constantly surrounded by high-voltage power lines, railroad power, household appliances, and wires that radiate in low-frequency ranges.

Science has repeatedly demonstrated the effect of harmful electromagnetic fields and waves on the human organism in various studies. For example, there is a summary publication by the Royal Society of Canada the effect of radiofrequency on biological systems dated March 1999 “A Review of the Potential Health Risks of Radiofrequency Fields from Wireless Telecommunication Devices.”

This study is the first to show that radiofrequency radiation has an effect on the organism.

For example:

The blood-brain barrier is a natural barrier between the blood and the brain matter and is quite essential for our health.

The blood-brain barrier prevents harmful substances from entering the brain from the bloodstream. In addition, this physiological barrier maintains the special internal milieu that the sensitive brain requires for its unimpeded function.

Effects on brain function:

At the head, cell phone users affect max. one mW/cm² (milliwatt per square centimeter). Natural power densities within the organism are 0.001 mW/cm² = 1 µW/cm² (microwatt per square centimeter). Human brain functions change under the influence of mobile radio frequencies (Alan Preece, University of Bristol), but are not automatically pathogenic.

However, there are reports of: Epileptic seizures, sleep problems, headaches, depression, as well as RFR syndromes (memory impairment) or “microwave radiation sickness” (effects of microwave radiation on energy metabolism in the brain and related mechanisms). These effects are partly clearly and partly not clearly related to radiofrequency radiation. Some people can feel the radiation.

In the meantime, the WHO (World Health Organization) has advised against erecting mobile communications systems near schools, kindergartens and similar sensitive facilities.

Effect and use of the WELLAN®-BIO-CHIP

The Wellan-Bio-Chip protects against harmful EMF waves. Worldwide, wherever you are.

With the discovery of Wellan biotechnology, it was simultaneously determined that the process could be used just as effectively against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF) and waves (EMW). The Bio-Chip was developed specifically for this purpose.

It harmonizes, reduces and protects cell phones, telephones, baby monitors, TV sets, screens, laptops, headphones with radio reception, in short all radio-controlled terminals from EMF, so that they are almost harmless to the human organism.

Further effect:

Please note:

As before, please follow the safety instructions and guidelines for radio waves or electronics sensitive locations such as in clinics, medical facilities, airports and airplanes, children’s and school facilities, etc., even with the Wellan bio-chip.

WELLAN®-BIO-CHIP – easy application

First, thoroughly clean the surface intended for this purpose. Then peel off the WELLAN®-Bio-Chip from the adhesive layer and stick it onto the designated area of your device.

Legal Notice:

The presented effects of our products can only be partially proven with the scientific measuring methods generally used today. Corresponding measurement methods are still under development.
The findings were obtained in practical use of all our products and are based on alternative concepts as well as the positive experience reports of tens of thousands of satisfied users worldwide.


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