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Wellan 2000® Ring

THE ORIGINAL | no chemistry
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Healthy water

Our mission: Better water

WELLAN 2000®: No chemicals, no electricity, no magnets.
Ultrafine vibrations from quantum physics are the solution!

Works in stagnant as well as fast flowing water, stops rusting and oxidation, clears pipes, improves drinking water quality.

Although this technology of improving water and its effects is still not so well known, this method is already used in many other areas. Think of computer technology, magnetic stripes on credit cards, photography, CDs, and so on. There are renowned physicists working on the development of a quantum computer. One would like to use the storage capacity of a liquid molecule, e.g. water, which is infinite on a certain level.

Thus, the function and effectiveness of the WELLAN 2000® has nothing to do with faith, but it is simply a forward-looking technology from quantum physics, which offers many interesting possibilities. Our products prove this. WELLAN 2000® for: Private households and industry. We can look back on over a zillion very satisfied customers. Sales are made throughout Germany and worldwide.

WELLAN 2000® has the right solution for every water problem. The thickest pipe diameter of the pipeline, which was equipped with WELLAN 2000®, was 40 inches. It is worth pointing out once again that our water treatment system, not only frees the pipes and stops rusting and oxidation, but “WELLAN 2000®” makes a significant contribution to tackling our environmental problems.

The following products enable us to keep our promise:
Our mission: Better water - WELLAN®2000 GmbH world wide

Wellan 2000® Ring

Advantage: lime solution

  • Old lime deposits are detached
  • No new limescale deposits on pipes, heat exchangers and boilers
  • No chemistry
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Our mission: Better water - WELLAN®2000 GmbH world wide

Wellan 2000® Power Ring

Advantage: Corrosion free

  • Non-corrosive
  • Interior wall protected by new as-built layer
  • No chemistry
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Our mission: Better water - WELLAN®2000 GmbH world wide

Wellan 2000® Metum Stic

Advantage: has an antibacterial effect and against algae

  • slows bacteria growth
  • Biofilm & algae are stopped
  • No chemistry
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Our mission: Better water - WELLAN®2000 GmbH world wide

Wellan 2000® Bio Chip

Harmonizes electromagnetic fields

  • to cell phones
  • on the baby monitor
  • on the TV and screen
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To help solve the water quality problems at Sunridge Shopping Center, Wellan®2000 rings were installed to improve the water Quality.

Click here for further information: Case study – Sunridge Shopping Center Southafrika

Mr. Terry Burt - Southafrika

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the very professional and expert support and installation of our new water system!


Manfred & Christine Reichart

My wife and I are very pleased with the results of fitting the Wellan Water purification ring, it has undoubtedly cleaned lime scale from all of our sinks, taps, shower heads, shower glass and toilet bowls. The water feels softer and tastes much better as well.

Mr Peter Boot

We encountered a massive challenge with Lime Scale at our Estate Pump Station for the Seasons Eco Golf Estate Water Supply from our 650 000 Litre Storage tank to the Residential Homes; Sport and Spa Recreational Centre and Club House.

Warren Dunbar - Chairman

Since fitting the ring we have very clear, clean and untainted water coming through the taps. The pressure of the water has also improved since fitting the ring. Our water became drinkable with no chemical after taste.

John & Sue Ross

I never normally do what I write to you here, but in this case I have to say that the product has turned my opinion around 180°, and that is something that rarely or never happens in my life.

Harald Bohlinger

Success with Wellan Water Refiner Ring

I, JK Fischer, am a fitter in my above company and purchased a Wellan Ring in 2010, which I installed on the water supply line shortly after the water meter. This convinced me to warmly recommend the ring to my clientele.

JK Fischer

Laboratory value Monterey in South Africa
Laboratory Analytical Report

Baxolise Ntsheylya

Investigation into water quality, chemical buildup and biological concerns at Unitas hospital.

Netcare Water Purification Report

The ORIGINAL – 20 Years of WELLAN 2000®
Water is energy and information carrier

So the idea matured: “…to develop a water treatment device which frees up calcified pipes, stops corrosion, improves the quality of drinking water and which always works, whether the water is standing or flowing, or how fast it is flowing.”

“The solution was WELLAN 2000®, the Biosignal Water Treater.”

– a device in the form of a metal ring, which is easy to install around pipelines and which comprehensively meets the above requirements for water by transmitting its effect fully and sustainably.

In the early nineties, Klaus Wagner set to work and invented the Biosignal Water Treater. After much hard work and effort, and during Mr Wagner’s many years of successful naturopathic practice, the Biosignal Water Treater was launched under the name Wellan2000®, at that time still under the company name IAB – Institute for Applied Bioenergetics. After numerous field tests and intensive research practice in cooperation with other private institutes, the water treatment device was further developed.

WELLAN 2000® ✓Entkalken ✓Antikorrosion ✓Antibakteriell ✓Gesundes Wasser ► Jetzt kontaktieren!

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