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Every cell in the human body is made up of water. Therefore, humans also need an abundant water intake per day. Through drinks, this is estimated to be one to one and a half liters per day. It is not insignificant which water we take in. Depending on the composition of the water and what quality

it has accordingly, water can positively influence health as a kind of extended healing or have negative effects and lead to diseases in the long run. With the WELLAN 2000® you can get healthy water directly into your home.

The element of water

Water is a chemical compound. A water molecule is composed of one oxygen molecule (O) and two hydrogen molecules (H). Since water molecules are bipolar and thus attract each other, so-called molecular chains (molecular clusters) can form. These molecular chains provide the basis for water to store information. This is the basis for the function and effect of WELLAN 2000®, which as a biosignal water treater can deliver information to the water through any material.

Several factors can break water molecule clusters, including high pressure, long pathways, ozone, as well as chlorine. While spring water has a high cluster (a high order), clusters in treated water are often destroyed by chemical additives or certain processes. Water treatment with WELLAN 2000® is completely different : without chemicals, electricity or magnets, drinking water quality is improved and pipes are freed from limescale and other deposits.

Even though the absorption, storage and, above all, release of information by water is unfortunately not yet scientifically proven, research in this field is very active and continues to uncover new findings.

The importance of water

Both the surface of the earth and the human body consist of two-thirds water each. For humans, water is the most important foodstuff, which is why it is our responsibility to preserve and protect it as a valuable commodity. Since water, as a carrier of energy and information, is capable of absorbing, storing and also releasing information, our body absorbs precisely this information from water and stores it in its own cells – water can both heal and cause disease.

Water is life – water creates life – from water comes life!

Tasks of water in the human body

Water is indispensable for our body – it is the basis of our bodily functions. The presence of water is a basic requirement for every chemical reaction and for all processes in our body.

The functions of water in the body include:

These are just some of the tasks that water performs in the body. This small overview already illustrates how important and vital the clear water is for humans. It is interesting that the water has a detoxifying function. From this can be derived the numerous water cures (e.g. Kneipp cures), drinking cures, ablutions, infusions, steam baths and sauna baths, which are intended to positively influence health and well-being. Likewise, healthy water should also be considered when drinking.

Various loads on the water

Water may be contaminated by heavy metals. These include lead, cadmium and mercury. In particular, this may affect wells drilled near ore deposits. In addition, substances from agriculture in the form of pesticide residues or even nitrate and nitrite can pollute the water. Healthy water should under no circumstances exceed the limits set out in the Drinking Water Ordinance. Furthermore, germs may be present in the water. Coli bacteria and Legionella are possible germs in drinking water that can lead to health consequences. Regular water sampling and testing ensure that tap water remains within limits and does not contain any components that are hazardous to health.

What are the characteristics of healthy water?

Healthy water is characterized first and foremost by the fact that it is as free as possible from pollutants. In Germany, for example, the specifications of the drinking water supply are intended to ensure healthy water. For the heavy metals lead and copper, for example, the limits are 0.01 mg/l and 2 mg/l, respectively. In addition, good water should have a balanced ratio of minerals. This means that it is low in minerals, but not entirely free of them.

A significant amount of the daily mineral requirement is covered by food, but minerals can be lost, for example, through heavy sweating. Healthy water can help make up for this deficit. Since individual minerals can also influence each other, the ratio of the individual substances to each other should be in an appropriate ratio. In the case of calcium to magnesium, this ideally amounts to 2:1.

Furthermore, good water or healthy water is characterized by the following additional features:

Healthy water from the tap?

Is the water from our tap healthy water? Tap water is subject to drinking water supply regulations and is regularly inspected. However, of the numerous pollutants and stresses, “only” 55 are considered and tested. In addition, the limits are set relatively high, so that even if the values are adhered to, one cannot really speak of getting healthy water from the tap.

From the waterworks, the water is fed into the pipes very cold and at high pressure. This creates poor conditions for germs and bacteria to multiply, so that the water is germ-free all the way to the house connection. Old or dirty pipes in the house itself or dirt on the tap can still lead to germs getting into the drinking water. In addition, the water loses its ordered structure on the long transport route and due to the high pressure.

How does WELLAN 2000® help?

WELLAN 2000® is a so-called biosignal water treater. WELLAN 2000® can store information at the subatomic level and deliver it to the water through any material. In the process, neither the energy nor the information of the WELLAN 2000® ring is consumed. Using a laser technology, the information and frequencies are modulated onto the WELLAN 2000® ring, informed. This can be compared to a CD, but in the opposite sense: With a CD, information is read from the data carrier with the help of laser technology and reproduced in the form of sounds and images.

Matter can only form if different charges are present and if they attract each other. Minerals are found as ions in water and are thus carriers of electrical charges (anions and cations). They attract each other to form crystals (e.g. lime). The interference vibrations of the WELLAN 2000® ring penetrate the pipe and influence the electrical charges and frequencies in the water – without chemistry or magnetism. The result is a cancellation or displacement of the charges so that the ions can no longer attract each other. The formation of crystals is prevented by WELLAN 2000® and already existing lime deposits disintegrate.

Energy and information exchange – What is biosignal information?

Certain materials, including metals, stones, water, and even living organisms composed of a considerable amount of water, can absorb, store, and release information. This occurs in the form of physical oscillations (biosignals). According to quantum theory, matter is compressed energy and transmits information under certain frequencies. Refined measurement techniques make it possible to capture these. The biosignal information from WELLAN 2000® is created when photons (particles of electromagnetic radiation) are split and can penetrate any type of matter – this includes all pipe systems. In both the flowing and still water of the pipeline, this process evokes the desired effect that leads to healthy water.

Legal Notice:

The presented effects of our products can only be partially proven with the scientific measuring methods generally used today. Corresponding measurement methods are still under development.
The findings were obtained in practical use of all our products and are based on alternative concepts as well as the positive experience reports of tens of thousands of satisfied users worldwide.