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Wellan 2000® Actual Applications

Boiler scaling

Problem: BC Laundry, a largescale commercial laundry had issues with scaling in their high pressure steam boiler. The tubes in the boiler had access of 1” of scale build up despite of water treatment. Every year the tubes have to be mechanically cleaned. Cost of chemicals plus cleaning wasn’t cost effective.
Solution: A Wellan Ring was installed on the in-feed of the boiler. Since 2007 there has been no corrosion or scale build up around the tubes. The boiler doesn’t need mechanical cleaning, nor do they use any chemicals. The customer has been saving approx. $4200 per year.
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Condensate lines/chillers heat exchanger scaling

Problem: Con Edison is the largest steam generation utility in the 5 boroughs which includes New York City. They discovered a serious problem with their condensate lines. The pipes measured 28” in diameter with 5-7” of scale build up in spite of the use of chemicals. They opted for Wellan as part of their Green Initiative Program in 2010.
Solution: Wellan Rings were installed on all the condensate lines. The corrosion, scaling and deposits have become a thing of the past. Con Edison has over 27 installations in their system including heat exchangers, chillers, cooling towers and main supply city water lines.

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Geothermal applications

Problem: Brooklyn Children’s Museum (New York City) utilizes ground water for heating and cooling applications. The ground water has high mineral content and bio-film, which was the cause of clogged strainers, scale, corrosion build up in piping systems as well as a multitude of seized valves. Another issue was clogging of screens at injection wells. See pic of strainers in pp. 4.
Solution: 3 Wellan Rings were installed. Within a few weeks, all heating & cooling equipment (above) was scale and corrosion free. The NYC Dep. of DDC has issued a full disclosure report. Please call to obtain report.

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Brown water

Problem: IHR Management Company, NYC Apartment Building was experiencing brown
water issues in the building creating landlord tenant friction.
Solution: A Wellan Ring was installed in the basement riser line in 2006. No brown water issues have been reported since installation.
“The Wellan Ring saved my landlords about $20,000 in replumbing expenses, let alone, the labor cost in flushing out the lines and hot water storage tank and the DHPD city violations” – Beverly Chan, IHR LLC

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Microbiological (E-coli & bio-film)

Problem: Southampton (Suffolk) Commercial Laundry in the Hamptons, NY region had issues with E-coli and bacterial build up in their recycled water that caused bad odor and fouling. The E-Coli bacteria posed a health risk.
Solution: A 3” Wellan Ring was installed in the pipe leading to the hold-tank. The results of the water testing after 4 weeks revealed that the bacteria count were back to sub-normal levels and the bad odor and fouling is no longer an issue.

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Cooling towers

Problem: The NYC Museum in Manhattan had major issues with scaling, algae, bio-film, & legionella in their two cooling towers. The cooling towers were being treated with chemicals, however the problems still persisted. The NYC Department of DDC contacted Wellan Synergy in 2011.
Solution: One Wellan Ring on each cooling tower was installed. No scaling, no corrosion, no bacterial growth and amazingly no legionella has been reported. Thousands of dollars have been saved on chemicals and cleaning.

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