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What effect does the WELLAN 2000® biosignal water treatment device have?

The development of technologies and the consequences resulting from this progress work in opposing directions for man and nature. On the one hand, technical, scientific and medical advances help us to cure diseases and afflictions which were previously thought to be incurable. On the other hand, environmental problems are increasing so dramatically that we must question the cost of our progress. How true Goethe was with his Sorcerer’s Apprentice who unleashed the unknown magical powers but could not bring them under his control again.

The forward movement in many areas of our life has caused imbalance in nature and even large-scale destruction as well. Progress in itself has taken importance over the wellbeing of man and the harmony and balance of nature.

The impact of our industrial interests on the environment endangers all life on this planet. Man must come to realise for himself that the use of gentle technologies is the only way to bring us out of this predicament. The challenge to create new concepts and put these to use must be accepted with the goal of attaining harmony for man and nature.

WELLAN® 2000 and biosignal research

The earth’s surface consists of 2/3 water, of which only 0.6 % is drinking water and a considerable portion of this small percentage is already contaminated. The amount of energy and technology needed to purify water leads to constantly increasing water costs. The caalcification of pipes, the rust in water lines and the resulting sedimentation of impurities not only amount to expensive service and energy costs, but endanger our health as well.

The development of WELLAN® 2000, a biosignal water treatment device, is a wonderful example of gentle, yet effective technology. Many years of research finally led to the discovery that all life mechanisms are controlled by electromagnetic impulses. For 3000 years, Chinese medicine acknowledged the existence of energy fields which control the activities of the organs. The energy fields are linked to vibrational patterns (oscillations) that release their positive influences as long as no disturbance is present in the organism. In turn, the electrical properties of living systems are dependent on the physical properties of their most essential element – water. This correlation is easy to understand considering that 2/3 of the human body comprises water and that water is our most important form of nourishment. Water is formed by the catenation of water molecules (so-called water clusters). New scientific discoveries and the simplification of electronic measurement techniques help us to better understand electromagnetic processes. This opens up new ways of reaching into these physical systems and influencing them.


Our mission: Better water - WELLAN®2000 GmbH world wide

Thus, specific substances such as metals, stones, water and even living organisms, which are known to be comprised largely of water, can be understood as carriers of bio-information. They are capable of storing information in the form of vibrations (interferences, resonances, i.e., biosignals) and then releasing them again.

What is biosignal information?

We need to look at the theory of quantum physics in order to comprehend this more clearly. According to this, matter is nothing but condensed energy and has the ability to send energy under certain frequencies.

With extremely precise instruments it is possible to measure these so-called streams. According to the conservation of energy law. energy is never lost but rather is subject to a constant process of change. lf we take a closer look at the vibrations or rays, a good example can be seen in sound waves: lf you take a sound wave and add the same exact wave to it. the sound wave disappears. The sound is cancelled out. This phenomenon is documented in sound waves, radio waves, etc. all the way to ultra-fine oscillations in the subatomic range into the realm of photons (light particles) and quantum particles. Quanta, which we refer to as biosignal information with our product, are formed when photons split and penetrate into all types of matter. WELLAN® 2000 takes advantage of this property.

The signals introduced into the carrier material easily penetrate all piping systems, causing the desired effect in the water that passes through them.



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